The Auto Dolly Line

The Auto Dolly Products will quickly become one of the handiest tools in your garage, shop, and showroom across the country.

Specialty Shop Tools

The Merrick Original products were designed originally for our own use. No tool was commercially available that allowed us to do something that would make our life in the automotive shop or garage simpler, easier, more comfortably.

Why Auto Dolly

We believe in keep work in the USA so all of our The Auto Dolly Line and Merrick Originals Specialty Shop Tools are made in our plant in Nebraska.

See Our Products At Work

Go through our several videos to see how The Auto Dolly Line and Merrick Originals Shop Tools work.

Why Auto Dolly

We know there are alot of choices out there, but this is why Auto Dolly is the best choice.

Multiple Uses

Every product has more than one use and can help in more than automotive restoration.

Years of Expertise

60 years of manufacturing expertise backing The Auto Dolly Line!

We Do Custom

Don't see something that works? We would love to customize a product for you.

Featured Product - Super Duty Dolly

  • Designed for a customer who needs to move an over-sized load
  • 4,000 lb. capacity per dolly
  • 6 Heavy Duty Polyolefin casters won't mar floors
  • Fully assembled
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