Merrick Originals

The Merrick Original products were designed originally for our own use. No tool was commercially available that allowed us to do something that would make our life in the automotive shop or garage simpler, easier, more comfortably. So we designed and built a tool to do the job ourselves. In most cases, the tool worked so well that we decided to also manufacture them and offer them to automotive enthusiasts and professionals. The response has been tremendous! Which of the following tools can make your next job better or easier?

Jon from Ann Arbor, MI
These are built to last, and made in the USA in Nebraska! There are no others that even compete. Like the old saying goes "you get what you pay for."


Bring your work to a comfortable height and rotate it to the best position for the task at hand. Work faster, safer, and more comfortably with the Auto Rotisserie.

Wheel Storage

Keep the wheels off the floor with several Wheel Storage options.

Repair Tools

From engine stands to hood pickers, use these tools to meet all your auto restoration needs.
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