Auto Dolly Attachments

4-Bolt Roll Around Attachment

The 4-Bolt Roll Around is made to fit 4-bolt pattern cars. It is an attachment for a 12" Auto dolly (standard or heavy duty).

5-Bolt Roll Around Attachment

The 5-Bolt Roll Around is an attachment for the 12" Auto Dolly (standard or heavy duty).

Rolling Rack Attachment

A simple, yet ingenious, way to transport (and optionally store on the floor) your Auto Dolly sets when not in use. Works for any size Dolly.

Dolly Dock

Brand new design! By storing your Dolly set on the wall you save shelf or floor space. Works for any size Dolly.

Tire Dolly Attachment

The Tire Dolly Attachment will fit our 12" Auto Dolly only (either Heavy Duty or Standard casters). You can load an entire set of tires and/or wheels and make them movable in your shop.

Service Seat Attachment

The Service Seat Attachment will fit a 12" Auto Dolly (Standard or Heavy Duty) only.

Engine Dolly

The Engine Dolly Attachment allows a single person to easily move an engine (or engine/transmission combo) in any direction with precision.

Trailer Jack

Preserve the wheel on the trailer jack and make your life simpler with the Trailer Jack Dolly Attachment.

View Racing Attachments

There are attachments specficially designed for race cars.

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