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James Biesecker

James sends us these photos of his beautiful Chevrolet Corvette C7 Z06 and says:
"C7 Z06 on Heavy Duty Auto Dollies, 12"X 16" for rear and 12"X 12" under front tires. . . . Rolls easy. "

*James adds a SMILEY FACE and THUMBS UP emoji, which sounds like a satisfied owner to us!

Maximize space in your garage and move projects around to keep your floors clean (like James clearly does!) with your own set of The Auto Dolly.

Joe Richardson

"I am able fit 4 cars in a garage originally intended for 2 by using Merrick Auto Dollies to place 2 of the cars (59 Corvette & 98 Mustang GT Conv.) tightly against the back and side walls which allows use of the garage for our keeping daily drivers (and my wife happy) out of Pennsylvania winter weather. This way, I don't have to scrape frost, ice and snow from my windows on freezing winter mornings!"

Fire Rescue Magazine Review

"A huge advantage of these wheel dollies is their flexibility with basically any condition of the wheel assembly. It does not matter if the tire is deflated, the tire/rim is missing, etc. In some cases the chassis itself can be set onto these wheel dollies. These are the certainly the easiest to fabricate for other uses.. A model such as the Auto Dolly by Merrick Machine Company has actual casters that allow it to pivot the vehicle easier."

- Fire Rescue Magazine

Les Baker

"The most notable new technique was discovered using your dollies. It will be the subject of one of my future articles and had everyone taking pictures and video and posting to social media. It could potentially make a difference at a future emergency scene. Basically we used the dollies to support stabilization struts and after lifting the car using the struts were able to move a side resting vehicle. I cant explain how significant this is since we just started moving side resting vehicles only recently. This opens up a lot of options.

Paddock's Paint Works

"Seriously the nicest built rotisserie I've ever seen and I've been doing this a long time. The only one with bearings so it spins super easy. A lot of restorations will be getting done on this."

*Paddock's Paint Works is a high end restorations company located in Michigan

Review Video by Workshop Addict

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