The Auto Dolly Line

The Auto Dolly is placed under each tire of the vehicle, making the vehicle a rolling cart that will now roll in any direction with ease.

Standard Auto Dollies

The Standard Auto Dollies come in 8", 12", & 16" to fit all automotive needs.

Heavy Duty Dolly

The Heavy Duty Dolly has a higher weight capacity than the Standard Auto Dolly.

Caster Upgrade Kit

Already have the standard Auto Dolly and want to be able to use it for heavier vehicles? Get the Upgrade Kit in sets of four and eight.

Super Duty Dolly

The Super Duty Dolly is a specially reinforced version of our 16" Dolly that also features SIX high capacity casters.

Dually Dolly

The Dually Dolly features a special reinforced design that captures the dual wheels and underneath you'll find eight Super Duty casters to carry the load. This also comes ribless.

Ginormous Tandem Dolly

This product was made to move tandem vehicles and trailers and has a capacity of 8000 .lbs per dolly.

Get the most out of your Auto Dolly

Take a look at the several attachments to make your Auto Dolly even more useful.

The Cycle Dolly

The Cycle Dolly allow for one person to load, move, and unload a motorcycle in a matter of minutes.

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