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Frequently Asked Questions

The standard duty is 2” in diameter and has bearings only on the swivel. The heavy duty is 2 ½” in diameter and has bearings on the axle as well as the swivel making it much easier to move.

The standard duty is 1500 lbs. per dolly and the heavy duty is 2500 lbs. per dolly. There are several other weight capacities. Check out all the rest of the Auto Dolly Line here.

The span between the nuts is about 6 ½” on the 8”, 10 ½” on the 12”, and 14 ½” on the 16”.

The standard duty at the bottom of the V-Groove is 1 ¼” and on the heavy duty dollies it is an 1 ¾”.

They are very easy to install. Just download this instructional sheet to easily install your casters.

Merrick Machine Company sells the Auto Dolly, Cycle Dolly, and Merrick Originals specialty tools only through authorized resellers.

To find a retailer that carries the product you want, just go to that product page and look under the "Where to Buy" section of that page to find all the retailers. Click on their logo and you will be directed to their website.

Merrick Machine Co. loves to meet the customers needs and we have done custom products for schools, the US Military, and individual customers. Just contact us to get started.

The attachment to the half rotisserie that was called the Axle Workstation is no longer available. We apologize for any inconvenience.

We highly recommend the Rear End Axle Adapter that you can attach to any standard engine stand that will convert it to an easy to use, quality and heavy duty axle workstation.

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