The 5 Bolt Roll-Around attaches to any 12" Auto Dolly. The Auto Dolly is sold separately.
The 5 Bolt Roll-Around is sold in pairs. All of the parts in each purchase are shown above.
The Roll-Around easily attaches to the hub to provide unimpeded wheel well access.

Features & Benefits:

  • Converts an Auto Dolly into a bolt-on Roll-Around.
  • Move your vehicle in any direction, with out tires/wheels on vehicle
  • Makes an excellent platform for vehicle restoration or stored vehicles
  • Facilitates unimpeded access to wheelwell areas (for detailing, painting, undercoating, etc.)
  • Free up your jack or jackstands while adding mobility
  • 2 Roll-Around Attachments per package (Auto Dolly set not included)

5 Bolt Roll-Around

The Roll-Around Attachment will fit either of our 12" Auto Dolly (Standard or Heavy Duty).

Once attached, you have unimpeded access to the wheel well areas (with the tires/wheels removed) and yet can still move your vehicle in any direction. A real boon to auto restoration projects, painting and body work. (Now you don't have to disturb your masked-off doors to move the vehicle!) Also facilitates an orderly shop or garage and makes sweeping & cleaning so much easier too!

12" Auto Dolly Roll Around 5 Hole (Set of 2):  M998074

Demonstration Video

5-Bolt Roll Around

Enhance Mobility with Auto Dolly 5 Bolt Roll-Around Wheels

The Auto Dolly 5-bolt roll-around wheels are the perfect option for moving heavy equipment or vehicles without wheels in any direction with enhanced maneuverability.

The 5-bolt roll-around is sold in pairs and seamlessly attaches to any 12″ Auto Dolly hub to provide unimpeded access to the wheel well areas for painting, detailing, undercoating, etc. With their robust construction, these wheels can bear the weight of heavy-duty vehicles and equipment, making them an excellent platform for vehicle restoration.

The 5-bolt Auto Dolly roll-around has smooth-rolling casters, ensuring you can easily navigate various surfaces and save time and effort pushing and pulling.

The 5-bolt roll-around is easy to install and detach. Its 5-bolt pattern ensures the wheels stay firmly in place, improving control and safe transport.

Whether you are a professional or DIY mechanic, our 5-bolt roll-around wheels make a versatile and valuable addition to your workshop or garage. Upgrade to the 5-bolt roll-around and watch it unlock the full potential of your auto dolly.

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