Store your dollies on the wall to save space in your shop or garage. (Auto Dollies sold separately).
Dolly Dock holds four Auto Dollies (Standard and Heavy Duty) and attaches to the wall.
The Dolly Dock fits any size of the grooved Auto Dollies and the Flat Top Auto Dollies.

Features & Benefits

  • Great accessory for any Auto Dolly owner
  • Mounts easily on the wall of your garage or shop
  • Works with Auto Dolly or Auto Dolly Heavy Duty (any size)
  • Helps remove clutter from garage floor and helps keep your shop organized

Dolly Dock

Our brand new design for this best seller now accommodates flat-top and grooved Auto Dollies while weighing only 4.5 lbs.

A simple, yet ingenious, way to store your Auto Dolly sets when not in use. Works for any size Dolly. By storing your Dolly set on the wall you save shelf or floor space. Mounts via two lag screws to any wall stud.

Dolly Dock:  M998071

Auto Dolly Sold Separately

Demonstration Video

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