Parts included are shown above. The Rotisserie is sold separately.
Use your half of your rotisserie and turn it into an EZ Spin Engine Stand.
Spins 360 degrees for easy access to any part of the engine.

Features & Benefits:

  • Mounts easily on the E-Z Spin Auto Rotisserie
  • Full 360 degree angle capability
  • 12 Multi-Angle Positioning Stops - 30 degree intervals

Engine Stand Adapter for Rotisserie

The Engine Stand attaches to a Base Stand Assembly to hold virtually any engine out there. The 4 arms are independently adjustable for virtually any bolt hole configurations. Takes advantage of all of the features our our E-Z Spin system. Rotate your work to the easiest angle. Makes painting engines a breeze!

Two Base Stand Assemblies are included in our Auto Rotisserie, but if you do not own an Auto Rotisserie or do not want to break it down in order use one of the other accessories.

Engine Stand Adapter (for rotisserie):  M998082

Demonstration Video for the E-Z Spin Rotisserie

Like the E-Z Spin Rotisserie? View it here

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