The Service Seat Attachment converts any 12" Auto Dolly into a durable service seat. The Auto Dollies are sold separately.

Features & Benefits:

  • Converts an Auto Dolly into super-durable and super-comfortable service seat.
  • Features an extra-wide saddle-style seat with internal spring system under the comfortable cover.
  • Fits a 12" Auto Dolly (Standard or Heavy Duty

Service Seat Attachment

Are you tired of the poor quality seat creepers on the market with their foam-over-particle-board seat construction and the flimsy casters? You can tell that the guy who designed it never had to actually try to USE it day in and day out. We tired of them too so we designed a service seat that is both comfortable and made to last.

The Service Seat Attachment converts  a Standard or Heavy Duty Auto Dolly (12" only) into one of the most useful and durable rolling seats you will ever use.

We've taken the all-steel Auto Dolly and its great non-marring caster set and added a strong seat support with a professional extra-wide saddle-style seat that will be comfortable, even for extended periods of time. The saddle-style seat also contains internal spring supports that you'll find far superior to a layer of foam when your comfort is on the line. When considering the value our Service Seat Attachment provides, just think about how many of the inferior seat creepers your neighbor will be buying and throwing in the trash while you enjoy the comfort and quality of your Service Seat Attachment for The Auto Dolly.

Auto Dolly Service Seat:  M998201

Demonstration Video

Service Seat Attachment

Service Seat Attachment – Providing a Comfortable Automotive Workstation

The Auto Dolly service seat attachment provides freedom from poor-quality seat creepers with foam-over-particle-board construction and rickety casters. The ergonomic design and professional extra-wide saddle-style seat with internal spring supports make this seat attachment durable, provide optimal support and comfort during lengthy projects, and reduce body fatigue.

These auto dolly seats convert any 12″ all-steel standard or heavy-duty dollies into useful and durable seats. They feature a built-in storage tray for tools, spare parts, and other components beneath the seat, eliminating the need for back-and-forth trips to fetch these essentials, thus saving time and enhancing productivity and efficiency. They are equipped with sturdy, smooth-rolling, and non-marring swivel casters, allowing greater mobility around your workshop or garage without peeling off the floor.

The heavy-duty steel frame and premium casters also help enhance the durability of these service seat attachments. The robust construction ensures these seats withstand the demands of daily operations and provide the same functionality, safety, reliability, and stability every time. Whether it is maintenance, repair, or restoration tasks, the auto dolly seats are an invaluable accessory for your workshop. Order your service seat attachment today and experience the convenience and comfort it brings to your workspace.

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