Each dolly has at 1500 lb. weight capacity. Put your car on skates and move it easily to save space in your garage.
The Auto Dolly comes in 8", 12" & 16" dollies.
Auto Dollies work with automobiles, trucks, boats, trailers, lawn mowers, jet skis, motorcycles, airplanes, and most heavy vehicles.

Features & Benefits:

  • Allows one person to move a vehicle in any direction (even sideways). Two people are recommended, for the extra set of eyes.
  • Weight capacity: 1500 lbs per Dolly (3000 lbs. pair; 6000 lbs. set of four)
  • Also available in higher capacity, easier rolling Heavy Duty version.
  • Facilitates shop order and easier, more complete floor cleaning.
  • Free up precious floor space in your shop or garage

Standard Auto Dolly

The Auto Dolly is placed under each tire of the vehicle, making the vehicle a rolling cart that will now roll in any direction with ease. The large roller bearing casters make it simple for anyone to move the vehicle in any direction.

Like all of our casters for The Auto Dolly, the standard caster contains a mar-resistant polyolefin wheel that also features a crown profile. The crown profile wheel means less rolling resistance in contact with the ground. The wheel profile also helps to pinch small debris out of the path, rather than coming to a screeching halt.

The Auto Dolly comes in three sizes: 8 inches, 12 inches, and 16 inches wide. *Auto Dolly Attachments are only available for the 12 and 16 inch dollies.

The Auto Dolly is available individually, in sets of two and in a set of four.

Standard Auto Dolly - 8"x16" (Sets of 2):  M998100
Standard Auto Dolly - 8"x16" (Sets of 4):  M998001
Standard Auto Dolly - 12"x16" (Sets of 2):  M998101
Standard Auto Dolly - 12"x16" (Sets of 4):  M998002
Standard Auto Dolly - 16"x16" (Sets of 2):  M998102
Standard Auto Dolly - 16"x16" (Sets of 4):  M998027

Demonstration Video

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