The Dually Dolly was made for Tandem (Boogie) Wheels so that each half of the dolly fits one wheel.
The Ribless Dually Dolly still has the same weight capacity of the standard Dually Dolly, it just doesn't have the center rib of the standard dolly.

Features & Benefits:

  • Weight capacity of 5200 lbs. per dolly
  • Easily move dually vehicles & trailers in any direction
  • Underside-reinforced, welded cold-formed deck
  • 8 ball bearing casters each with grease zerk

Dually Dolly

Dually, Dooley, Boogie Wheels, Tandems... whatever you call 'em they present a special situation that calls for a special Dolly. That's why we created the Dually Dolly. With the Ribless Dually Dolly you can make your big trucks and trailers just as mobile in any direction as any other vehicle on our Standard and Heavy Duty Auto Dolly sets.

The Dually Dolly features a special reinforced design that captures the dual wheels and underneath you'll find eight Super Duty casters to carry the load.

Dually Dolly- 24"x16":  M998031
Ribless Dually Dolly- 24"x16":  M998064

Demonstration Video

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