Each dolly has a weight capacity of 8000 lbs.
The Ginormous Tandem Dolly has twelve heavy duty casters per dolly.

Features & Benefits:

  • Move high capacity tandem vehicles and trailers in ways you never thought possible.
  • 32" between wheel centers
  • A massive 8000 lb capacity per dolly (16,000 lbs per pair)
  • Fully assembled
  • 12 Heavy Duty Polyolefin casters won't mar floors

Ginormous Tandem Dolly

ot everyone needs to move tandem vehicles and trailers, but the U.S. military certainly does and they asked us to create the Ginormous Tandem Dolly to their specifications. Now, for the first time, we make them available to all of our customers who might also need the super-high weight capacity of our Ginormous Tandem Dolly. See the specifications (to the right) for all the details.

Like all of our casters for The Auto Dolly, the standard caster contains a mar-resistant polyolefin wheel that also features a crown profile. The crown profile wheel means less rolling resistance in contact with the ground. The wheel profile also helps to pinch small debris out of the path, rather than coming to a screeching halt.

Ginormous Tandem Axle Dolly:  M998051

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