The Trailer Jack Dolly Attachment captures wheels 8" in diameter and smaller. Dolly sold separately.
Trailer Jack Attachment attaches to either the Standard or Heavy Duty 12" Dolly.
Make the wheel of your trailer jack last longer by using the Trailer Jack Attachment.

Trailer Jack Attachment

The Trailer Jack Dolly provides a "capture" for your trailer jack or trailer jack wheel. With a pair of The Auto Dolly under each trailer wheel and one with the Trailer Jack Attachment under the jack, your trailer (and load) can now be moved in any direction (even sideways). Preserve precious floor space by storing it closer to the wall than you could hope to safely & conveniently get it by jockeying it around on your hitch! The Trailer Jack Dolly Attachment also preserves the life of your trailer jack wheel, which is often the "weakest link".

Auto Dolly Trailer Jack Attachment:  M998086

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Trailer Jack Attachment

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